Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Terrain - Ruins


Recently, I've been picking up the occasional issue of Imperium magazine when ever there's something space marine or terrain flavoured on the front. As such, I've built up a small pile of terrain sprus that needed assembling and painting. In one pile I have 5 sprus of Ryza ruins, which I have now assembled and begun painting. Here's the first half completed. I have 3 larger buildings yet to finish. Altogether, these ruins will give me a good 4x4 table of terrain to use in games of 40k and Grimdark Futures. 

I chose a greenish ochre colour to base them with then set about adding random patches of Snakebite Leather contrast using the airbrush. 

I then picked out tubing using the new Black Legion contrast paint and picked out some brass areas too. I dry brushed the whole thing with Pale Sand and picked out some silver metallic areas using a drybrush. Then I began weathering. 

Weathering consisted of applying patina to the brass areas and rust weathering powders to the more metallic areas. I picked out some details such as wires, skulls and screens etc... to break up the colour and add some 'wow' details. I don't think you need to do this with every wire. Just a few here and there helps the terrain pop without it being a burdensome task or visually overwhelming. 

I finished by adding some lighting glow and some scorch marks around the edges using the airbrush. Overall, I'm not too happy with the lighting glow but apart from that they have turned out well so far. I think I'll have another go at the lighting once I've painted the remaining buildings.

 These ruins will go nicely with the pipes and reactor shown in this picture I think. Taken together I should have quite a nice table of terrain. 

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