Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hello and welcome

After having seen some really awesome blogs by other people concerning their warhammer addictions, I noticed how open and helpful everyone is to each other.

I thought it might be nice to be a part of and contribute to the community, here goes!

Here is the beginnings of a new army I've been working on. I have always liked the idea of traitor guard and since they often feature heavily in the fluff i thought it only right to have a go at it myself.

Of course the awesome nature of the new Imperial Guard codex played a hand in my decision but being a long serving disciple of chaos, i couldn't sit back and have them march in time with the Emperors anthem!

These boys are for chaos!

Here's the beginnings of the first section of the infantry platoon

the heads have been taken from the pig iron feral heads range

heres the traitor devil dog. Its not finished yet, the map needs painting and the mud needs some water effects

Executioner to follow plus the heavy weapon team in the infantry section