Sunday, 28 February 2016

Rangers lead the way. Pt 1

I've decided to make more of an effort to make regular updates. The plan, as it stands, is to try and update with something every Sunday. So let's see what I have today.

In my ongoing struggle to get a Student Nationals BA list ready, I have focused my attention on getting the Rangers painted. I picked the models up from Black Tree Designs during their most recent mega sale. Personally I like the figures but many have accused them of looking apish and disproportioned. Those people certainly aren't wrong but I'm ok with that. They remind me a lot of 90's era GW so its an art style I'm very familiar with.

I painted them up exactly like my other rifle men and used Company B 5th Rangers decals. I chose the 5th Rangers so that they can support my 1st Inf. Div. in battles. Historically, the units fought alongside in many battles, including Omaha beach.

Company B decals

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Transporting the engineers

Slowly but surely I'm making progress towards the list I'm taking for this years Student Nationals Championships. In fairness, the vast majority of my list has already been painted but there were a few additions that I needed to supply. Specifically, I needed a Sherman Calliope, a 3/4 ton WC truck and 9x Rangers.

With the Calliope nearly finished, I turned my attention to building and painting the 3/4 ton truck. Annoyingly, I bought the Company B version for £24 exactly one week before Warlord Games released their much nicer version for £18! A happy bunny I was not! This sad tale only got worse when I sat down to assemble the truck, which took me half a day and a lot of effort to get right. I had to re-arrange the wheels so that they were the correct height and scratch build my own driver. The driver was particularly annoying because the kit came with three crew but all of them were tiny, like children in comparison to my models! So my lesson to you, dear readers, is avoid Company B if you can!

Anyway, despite all the ball ache, I am happy with the end result. It should make a fitting transport for either the engineers (pictured here) or a squad of veteran riflemen.

Pvt. Jenkins remembers that he's left his bank account details unsupervised back home with the wife!