Monday, 31 March 2014

Scratch Built Adepta Sororitas! Now with Paint!

Hello all,

It has been a while I must confess but work is as work does. I have been crawling along with my sisters of battle at a leisurely pace and now I can confidently claim...with evidence, that I have finished painting all the sisters I currently have converted. That's 5 :p

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sisters of Battle flamer and Canoness conversions!

Progress on this project has not been slow but I must admit that progress updates have been! Never fear, I have the solution right here in the form of......a progress update!

Battle Sister flamer

I now have 4 fully painted sisters with one more to go. Then I'll need to convert and paint 4 more so that I can have my full squad of 9 (I'll be adding a priest into the mix too and mounting them all in a repressor). Come the end of April, this project will seriously pick up pace!

The Canoness

Converting and sculpting the Canoness has been a lot of fun! I began by butchering a warmachine caster for the flowing cloak and the 'armoured high heels' and an official Canoness model. The rest of the model came together naturally from various DE bits and a mountain of greenstuff! She's armed modestly, with a plasma pistol, chainsword, rosarius and the mantle of Ophelia. Still.....I'm pleased :)