Monday, 11 February 2013

The Big Boss on Bike made mostly of Trukk!

Last week saw me get cracking on the warboss on bike, which was slightly more challenging than the nob bikers in the sense that I wanted his bike to be mostly built from trukk parts?! It was the only way I felt his bulk would be accommodated so I set about mounting the engine block and large wheels from the trukk kit onto a very cut down deff kopta chassis.

I kept the deff kopta legs because they aren't actually all that much smaller than the normal warboss legs. Instead I raised the torso and re-sculpted the lower back just to give him some extra height and prevent the legs from making him look a little misshapen  (then again if you spent your whole life on a bike I guess you'd have short legs too!).

The finecast parts, although in pretty terrible condition, were a God send as it meant I could cut the parts to fit with ease. The fact they are so light also helps to prevent this guy from falling over, which I'm certain would happen a lot on the battlefield if he was all metal. All in all I'm very pleased with the result and I'm sure he's going to turn heads (and a few stomachs) on the field!

Here's a size comparison with the previous Nob bikers! He's an absolute beast!