Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blood Angels army up for sale!

Dear readers,

The time has come for me to move my Blood Angels army onto another loving home. I've had some great games with this army and came second in the student nationals 2012 with it. Painting this army was especially challenging! Painting all those gems really took some effort but in the end I was really happy with the results. Another lovely touch with this army is that all the figures come with bases from dragonforge's urban rubble range! So without further ado, please feast your eyes on what's available in the lot. The auction can be found here.

The Chaplain, sanguinary priest and assault terminators

Some extra characters: Chapter master Seth, Commander Dante and a captain with lightning claws
 There is also a WIP honour guard squad
Assault squad one with razorback transport

Assault squad 2 with razorback

Assault squad three and two storm ravens

Finally, the whole army fits into this custom pull and pluck army case!

To top it all off, I will also include some blood angels sprus I have left! If you have any further questions about the lot, or you would like to see some more pictures then please get in touch either via ebay or through leaving a comment below. Once again the auction can be found here.

Good luck and best wishes!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ork Lootaz- A Little More Dakka

So here's the second loota I've been working on. These pictures are a little premature because he's still not quite finished yet, but I wanted to keep the updates rolling. So without further ado, I present the 2nd ork loota to be...ahem...finished :)

Here you should be able to see the ammo hopper. The story is that Dokket, the ammo runt, is removing the rounds from an old ammo belt and dropping them into the hopper. The hopper then feeds the rounds into the gun. Unfortunately, the poor guy needs to act fast or else face the displeasure of his master when the gun runs dry!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Ork Lootaz- Re-visiting the Project

I'm sure many of you have been peering back at the blog from time to time wondering 'what ever happened to those lootaz you were working on?' At the time I was getting some fantastic feedback from everybody, which really kept me going with the project but then I moved and they became lost amongst all the other things I've been doing.

Well 2 weeks ago I played a game of 40k using my ork army and did astonishingly well considering my opponent. I also fielded my lootaz in this battle, which had many people attending club that day giving me praise on how cool they looked. Kind words combined with game success has inspired me to get cracking on finishing the unit properly and that means putting the painting hat back on!

So, as I promised Pom, I spent all of Sunday relaxing with DS-9, paint and Toad in the Hole! However, it wasn't battle wagons I was working on (sorry to mislead you Pom). Instead, I got the first of 12 lootaz finished, based and weathered. I do hope you enjoy, oh and keep dropping in, I intend to finished this project fully.

Don't worry you're safe so long as he's aiming at you personally!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Captain Janus Theodramis

The weeks have not been kind to my painting schedule but despite all that I have been able to grab a seat and get some painting done every now and again.

With the advent of 6th edition and my recent painting experience in Cardiff, I have decided to re-visit my characters. Since the chaplain became down regulated as a marine killing powerhouse (with his AP 4 maul), I have decided to take a captain instead. 'For the love of the God Emperor why?' I hear you all shout.

I admit it's a difficult decision to justify but my somewhat flimsy reasons are two fold:

1) I believe you need a character that can really dish out the pain in close combat and be capable of killing many marines at once. The changes to fearless (or know no fear) means that every last marine must die! The captain is the only real choice when it comes to building this kind of character. The captain is also reasonably cheap at just 100pts, I have only given him twin lightning claws for 30pts the pair. He will be getting 6 attacks on the charge (chapter standard) with re-rolls to hit (chaplain) and re-rolls to wound. That should hopefully be 5 dead marines on the charge and about 4 every round. Yes, I think Tycho is a better choice at doing this but that brings me onto the second reason...

2) I need to add character to my army. What I mean by this is I need to create a personality for the force and a conversion to match. A main criticism of my army at Cardiff was the lack of a unifying theme within the force. Yes they were all on matching bases, yes the colours were the same. But people felt the army lacked a 'character' or 'theme', which I put down to a general lack of conversions and a heavy reliance on the beautiful plastics in the blood angels kits.

As such, I have decided to replace my characters with some nice new converted ones and try and tie that character in with the ideas of the force as a whole. Hence Captain Janus Theodramis, see I named him and everything! I wanted him to be a young captain who received his rank on the field of battle after slaying an ork warboss in personal combat. I wanted him to have been an assault marine (the youngest recruits in the blood angels structure) originally and so represent a very unusual situation. I want him to convey aggression and the thirst for blood, which has not yet been tempered with age. I also didn't want to cover him in honour markings as his career is only just being established. Maybe I'll add them to the model as I use him? His honour guard have been taken from his original squad, whom where with him throughout the battle and I'll be building them all up to have personalities of their own in order to create a unit that oozes character and a sense of story. 

So there you have it. I also intend to scratch build a new chaplain similar to the one featured on FTW. It's a fantastic build if you have not already seen it.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

For Sale: Rare space squat!

Heya guys and gals,

I have recently come into possiesstion of a limited edition space dwarf/squat model that was issued with a 1 year subscription to whitedwarf in 2010. I'm selling it as you see above for the fair price of £20. Most other sellers are asking £30 at least but I thought that was a bit cheeky! Please take a look at the auction here

I also have a metal varghulf for anyone interested. The auction is here

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sons of Sanguinius: The Sanguine Skies

As of 9.45AM Friday 13th of April, the army is now complete. It has been a long and hard road studded with bouts of violence and insanity. But despite all my dispare, I now own a complete 1,500pt Blood Angels army.

The army was completed in time for the student nationals, which was hosted in Cardiff this year. The event was very good fun and I managed to achieve 2nd place overall (getting 2 perfect scores in 2 games including a wipeout and a concession (on turn 4 no less! I only lost 1 terminator in the whole game!)). Sadly I lost my last game to a cheese filled Grey Knights force...typical!

I have left out some pictures of the other storm raven and razorback because they are pretty similar to the others I have already posted.

Anywho, without further chit chat, here are some pics of the completed force. Do please enjoy :)

 Chaplains are badass!

Priests keep the host alive quite nicely and furious charge keeps them killing!

The terminators really are the stars! Everything they touch dies! Especially when led by the chaplain.

Finally some pictures are the 3rd squad. These guys fly about in one of the storm ravens.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sons of Sanguinius: The Halfway Mark

Something of an update this time around. After returning from Japan only to realise that time is seriously running out with regards to getting these models ready for the student nationals in April, I have been somewhat busy! Caught in a furious painting frenzy I have managed to make the rough halfway mark! I do hope you enjoy the new figs. Especially you darthfishbag!

The storm raven is pretty much done now. One down, one to go!

Some more guys from the second assault squad. Just one left to go!

Finally, one of two las-plas razorbacks. I love these things in game!