Thursday, 1 April 2010

grotzooka progress

ok then, lots of pics today. I have progressed a lot since the last post, in fact i have now completely finished the grotzookas on all kanz and have them undercoated black, but im waiting till one of them is finished before i post again. I have listed a short tutorial below on how i built them. the pics should provide reference for different stages of the development.

In terms of a tutorial, they are really quite easy to make.

You will need:
plastic tubing of an appropriate size (i actually used an old clicking pen)
3 killer kanz
scorcha and bing shoota arms
dentists tools (for sculpting)
some grots
florists wire
drogon forge assorted wire (these things are awesome and much much better than guitar wire!)

1) I cut the barrels off the scorcha and left the pressure cylinder up front. this was the filed and smoothed over.

2) i cut the tube to an appropriate size (about 1.5 inches) and glued it to the underside of the scorcha cylinder

3) i then cut a smaller piece of tube to act as the hoover bag mouth and glued it to a grot (one of the grots aiming a pistol works well)

4) i assembled the kans on bases and then glued the scorcha arms to the kans. this then dictated where on the base the hoover bag would end. having determined where i wanted the bag to go, i glued the grot holding the hoover mouth to the base.

5) I then mixed up some milliput and bengan filling in the grotzooka barrels and the hoover mouths. After half an hour this was semi solid, so i pushed a length of florists wire into the barrel and the hoover mouth. this will form the base structure for the hoover bag.

6) I then mixed up some more milliput and rolled it into sausages which were pushed round the wire. i was careful not to make the diameter to thick as greenstuff would be placed on top.

7) i then left this to dry for 24 hours.

8) With the basic structure in place i began to mix up some greenstuff. once mixed i flattened it out on a clean board (dont forget to apply vaseline otherwise you wont get the greenstuff to come off the board!). I then cut out squares and rectangles and began applying them over the milliput frame. this should create a patchwork effect.

9) i then roughed up the edges of the shapes to represent fabric fraying and applied some stitch holes around the edges with a needle. further details were added to the cloth by using ork nob shoulder guards etc...

10) finally i applied plenty of extra detail and worky bits to the gun barrel and hoover mouth using spare bitz and plasticard.

I hope this mini tutorial helps. if anyone wants to try something similar please ask for advice and forward me on to your projects. i enjoy viewing other peoples work just as much as producing my own.