Thursday, 28 March 2013

Grot Whaaagh!

I decided to take a small contingent of Imperial Guard allies to boost the objective holding and anti-air elements that I feel the main Ork codex lacks. As such, I took a company command with a mortar, a veteran squad with a las cannon and a Vendetta gunship. They worked amazingly well and I'm really impressed with the veterans especially, who sat behind the aegis line with the Icarus las cannon receiving orders and killing stuff!

I didn't want to field guardsmen though, so I instead settled on a 'grot mercs for hire' idea. Here's the plane :)

Whaaaagh Vendetta!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Nationals 2013: Leicester Sabres Victory!

This year the Student Nationals Wargaming and Roleplaying Championships were held in Sheffield and I went to compete on behalf of the Leicester Sabres in the Warhammer 40k category. As you all know, I took orks and from the nationals I wanted to achieve 'best painted', 'best sportsman' and 'best fancy dress' rather than any of the tournament placings. That was mainly because I took a rubbish army! There were also two very competent players competing from the Sabres so I thought the best way to grab points would to not be in competition with them. In the end, I came away with 2 out of 3 :p Alas 'best army' still eludes me with a score of 29/30 painting points. The gentleman that won had a beautiful spacemarine army so hats off to him. It was seriously good! Having said that, I'm dead chuffed with the other two awards and the event itself was brilliant fun. I have some great games and I really enjoyed using my army despite only achieving 15th place overall!

Anyway, that's that fluffy guff over with I can get to the meat of this post...the pictures. I'll be posting up pictures of the various units I used at the nationals this year starting with my favorite unit, the nob bikers. So without further ado here they are...

Me in my Fallout Costume (This is a little old, I actually added more pockets holding's all in the details!)

Ok, ok I'll get to the proper pictures!

The Warboss

 The Nob Bikers