Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Wartrakk-tor!!

I woke up this Sunday with a hankering for kit bashing and this is the result! Huzzar, the wartrakk-tor complete with an extra skorchy skorcha! Perfect for clearing away those fields and of course pest control.

I bashed it together from a load of spare Trukk parts I had left over from my nob bikers and some tracks from old robogear models. There a few bits from other kits like the dakka jet but they're mainly for detail. I've almost got enough parts to make two more, but I'm running low on exhausts and engines. Perhaps I can scratch something up!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Where have all the Orks gone?

It's been a while since I used this blog to rant and rave but with the recent lack of incentive from GW to actually release the Ork codex I felt it was about time I vented.

So where the hell is the Ork codex? I've been dying to actually play a game of 7th edition 40k and get back into the game after a couple of years of stagnation but I thought it best to wait until the Ork codex was released since Orks are my only current army. To be honest, I think the Ork codex has stood the test of time very well and I have loved all the years of gaming I've gotten from that codex and my army, but it is time for a change and the new codex represents that change. I don't know what it will be, I don't know how the new rules will shape my future Ork army builds and importantly, I don't yet know how much I'm going to enjoy playing the game with my beloved Orks. But for God's sake GW release the damn book! Where's the point in releasing all these new models if I can't actually use them? Do you honestly think I'm going to go out and buy a load of models that I don't even know how to use? In fact a load of models I can't use because they're not in the current codex! It's maddening!

I would love to go out and buy a couple of new shiny things for my Ork army once I've decided on a theme but I need to know what I'm going to buy first. I appreciate that GW make the best miniatures in the world and I understand that they may feel the models speak for themselves with their quality. However, I am not the only consumer who's wise to impulse buying, especially when it comes to non-essential hobbies. In fact, while I'm thinking about consumerism, why on Earth are those Mek Gunz £28 each?! Are you insane? Any Ork player worth their salt will scratch build their own or source from another company like Kromlech (who already do a lovely kannon) rather than pay almost 30 quid for one! It's especially insulting when you compare it to the Killa Kan box, which is the same price but comes with 3 models. So it's fair to say I will not be buying any of those, I'm sorry, especially as they're really nice models. We both lose there.

Back to the first rant, if you're listening GW, release the damn codex before I get bored completely! I should have been spending this time pouring  over the codex making up my mind on what I'm going to buy and field. Instead I'm writing this tirade in frustration!