Sunday, 21 March 2010

grotzooka suprise!

I hinted in the last post that i was planning something abit different to represent the grotzooka on my remaining three kanz. After playing around with the idea of having a mini shokk attack gun firing bomb squigs i realised it was far far far to big for the kan!
Instead i interpreted the title grotzooka a little differently, a zooka that fires grots....covered in dynamite!I would really like some feed back on this idea. ill make progress on getting the canvess effect on the hoover bag tomorrow, so expect a short update.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

righty, righty, righty!

Its been a while and for good reason...damn MSc. Should have done something easy and worthless like politics or drama but hey...the virtue of hindsight!

Any way i have been dabbling in my spare time. The battle wagon is under painting progress atm with one side being finished and the other side untouched.

I also treated myself to two boxes of the new Kanz!! There are really nice models with some good scope for further conversion and customization. Unfortunately they only come with one of each weapon so i had to swap a grotzooka with a friend. the other unit will also have grotzookas but thats a surprise for a later data (when i build the damn things!)

Ill keep you posted when they come though.

nearly finished with this kan. just needs the grotzooka painting and the smoke painting as well