Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sum git once told me yu cudnt solve evry problem wiv hu hu, I pruved im rong!

It's been a while since I posted anything here so I thought I'd show you all one of my new favourite units, burner boyz. I'm not sure why I've not used them before? They're pretty cheap at a mere 15pts a model and come armed with a burner, which is either a flamer or a power weapon (AP 3). I guess a major downside to them is the fact that they cannot take a dedicated transport vehicle, which meant that they couldn't keep up with the rest of my units in past army builds.

However, as the game changes so to does my approach to building lists. Now I have a much more foot slogging based army replete with large mobs of shoota boyz, lootas and an aegis defense line. Suddenly, my battle wagons look a bit empty, but wait there's space for burner boyz! And so starts my new enthusiasm for the little guys.

Recently, I've been running them up to expensive or large units and just flamming them, either on foot or from the open topped hatch of a battle wagon. When placed carefully, I'm regularly rewarded with 50+ hits!!! That's a lot of armour saves to pass, even if you are a terminator! Then, when they're inevitably assaulted, they can fall back on power weapons for that extra nasty surprise your opponent wasn't expecting! Seriously, for 150pts, they're a steal.

Here's a few quick shots of the buggers. 3 are still being painted, they'll be finished soon :p