Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Path of the Destroyer

Hi folks,

I Thought I'd share some general thoughts on the Necrons and also show you my newest painted figure, the Destroyer Lord. I've only been able to grab a couple of 1000pt games with them so far with a list that looks a little (exactly) like this:

1x Destroyer Lord: All the toys except the tachyon arrow
5x Triarch Praetorians
8x Warriors
9x Warriors
3x Wraiths: 2x whip coils
1x Triarch Stalker: Twin-linked heavy gauss cannon
1x Annihilation Barge

I've found the Triarch Praetorians have worked really well when supporting a Destroyer Lord. They're pretty expensive at 400pts but the amount of AP2 they put out in both shooting and combat really does wonders! They are also strength and toughness 5 and gain preferred enemy when paired with the Lord, which normally means that they need 2+ to wound in combat re-rolling 1's! They are a seriously good unit in my opinion.

I'm also really impressed with the reliability of Necron firepower, especially when twinned with the twin-linking effects of the Stalker. So far I've been able to reliably destroy a unit a turn by painting it with Stalker, shooting it with my Warriors and Annihilation Barge and then charging the rest with the Praetorians and the Lord. It's a combination that seems to work well against everything, even hoards.

Finally, we all know its good but hats off to the Annihilation Barge and its twin-linked tesla destrutor! I regularly achieve 5+ hits with this weapon, which is amazing as it only gets 4 shots! Tesla really is that good! and for 80pts, it doesn't break the points bank either.

So there you have it. So far I've been able to win two games using this small list, 1 against hoard Orks (60+ boyz) and one against the shiny new Space Marines. Hopefully as I scale up I learn even more neat little tricks.

Anywho here are some pictures of the recently painted Destroyer Lord.

 I wanted him to look menacing with his single glowing eye!
 The warscythe has been painstakingly wet blended
 A must have piece of kit for any Destroyer Lord. The resurrection orb brought him back 2x last game!
 Once again my stupid matt varnish clouded up the model so I've had to gloss varnish the wet blended armour just to make the effect pop again!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rise of a new Dynasty

Recently my wonderful fiancee convinced me to keep the small number of necrons I'd bought. They were very nearly ebay'ed for some small amount! Woops, disaster averted.

Anywho I began to come around to the mammoth task of painting them using OSL and wet blending techniques, something I've been thinking about for a while. I wanted to try something that would challenge my painting abilities in a big way and trust me, the annihilation barge took some doing! Here's my first attempt at took me 7 days!