Friday, 18 February 2011

Some overdue loota progress

It has been awhile since I last picked this project up, which is a shame because I was getting some really nice feedback from you guys and gals. Unfortunately, as you will all know, work and girlfriends get in the way sometimes.

Anyway, I managed to get another one built bringing the unit composition up to six. All that is left to finish is the greenstuff work and some extra little details here and there.

Enjoy the pics


  1. Whoah... very very cool and nice idea to mix loota and burna bits.


  2. Another beauty. Did I miss something - where did you get those amazing belts?

  3. Thats mad - and with the screaming head it looks awesome.

    Ditto Porky - where'd the belts come from? and how did you get so much flex in there?

  4. Those are some ammo belts! Agree that the head is a great fit.

  5. Hey wow, thanks guys!

    The belts are made my a member of the waaagh forum: Zinge.

    They are made of flexible rubber with a wire core so that they can be bent into shape. The link for his ammo feeds can be found here:

    I may get round to making another one tonight.