Thursday, 7 April 2011

Smurf Planning: A New Direction

I have been using my current ork build now for over a year and although I am pleased with its success, it is getting a bit dull. So I decided to write out a new list. Here is the nutshell version:

Big Mek with KFF

2x 12 Lootas including a mek boy with big shoota

15 Kommandos led by Snikkrot. These guys have 2 burners

10 Storm Boyz led by Zagstrukk

2x 30 Shoota Boyz including 3 big shootas and a power klaw nob

Finally, 3x looted wagons with boom guns.

Make no misstake, this army will likely be a pile of crap. But it does sound like fun doesn't it! Orks shooting? Why? Zagstrull and Snikkrot popping up all over the place? Madness!

A nice solid base of protected lootas and boom wagons? Priceless!

Anyway, I have one of the loota squads and the big mek done but that is it! I have a tank kit I won off Sonsoftaurus, which is destined to become a looted wagon and I have made a start of the storm boyz. I even have some pictures showing their progress, you lucky people.

Anyway, that's what I am planning. Who needs new armies when you can just make existing armies bigger? Enjoy


  1. Sweet! Look forward to seeing it all develop, especially one particular wagon! The stormies look great. I like how the gob on the first one looks like a flight respirator mask.

  2. Good stuff. As I'm a new Ork player I am curious to your current Ork list and why you think it is dull. I'm looking for a solid list to work out myself you see. So far I only have 350 points painted...

    You have a really nice painting style. The storm boy looks amazing. (I like the new stormboyz so much better) I am wondering how you made that smoke plume. Have a tutorial on that? I like the way it looks.
    The only point of critique I have is that you have silver bullets.unless you're hunting for werewolf bullets are always copper/gold.