Monday, 20 June 2011

Smurf Like Musings: Finally Some Good News!

Yes, yes, yes! After a volley of disappointing rumors surrounding the sisters of battle codex, Blood of kittens finally has some good news to share!

I'm not going to re-paste it all here as I'm sure you all have access to the news anyway. Instead, lets add my initial musings.

The Really Really Good News!

Chaos mother fudging legions! In your face anonymous, made-up, previously unknown, reject, traitor marines. You can take your lame fluff, characterless options and generic demons and geeeet out! We don't take kindly to lame reject traitor spacemarine chapters round here!

How long has this been coming?! I mean Mr Jervis did confirm this to me at games day last year but still its nice to hear it again. Jervis said he wanted to see an age when chaos had as many codecies as the spacemarines. A generic legions one, a renagades one and then one for each god all of which would be special character led. Well this is close enough for me as a start! Good times. I can get my Deathguard out again and start dishing out pain. Or I can do another legion. Oh oh I know, Nightlords, no Iron Warriors! Aww I just can't decide. Remember Smurf....Skyrim first then warhammer, your getting over excited!

New Addition 40k:

There are some cool bits a pieces in that list. Some changes are simply massive and I'm sure many other authors will take the opportunity to think about each one in detail. I'm more interested in seeing just how different the game will be. I love the strategy points idea with bidding for the first turn. I also like the changes to shooting as well. It just feels like they are making the game more grown up. I personally really like 5th ed. I certainly like it over 4th. But despite its easy to play attitude, there are still things in it that just so simple they don't make sense. Hopefully making the game more complex won't confuse it. I guess that's why they are aiming for a more complex structure but streamlined. I hope it works.

It will be nice to play a totally different game as well. It's a bit like a breath of fresh air isn't it. I mean, I have been playing 40k in this similar form for 13 years now. It does, and has, gotten old. However, what I have read today does genuinely excite me.   

Concerned Musings:

The main thing that concerns me about these rumors is the nature of the starter set. Its stated as being in 2 parts. One set includes the Dark Angels and the other half contains the Black Legion. I'm worried that these will not be the same value for money as previous sets. Blackreach was especially good value at £40 on first release, amazing! But this means that you cannot go in halves for £20-30 with a friend and try it. Instead they are likely to charge a minimum of £50 for each set and if your just starting out, your going to need a friend that really wants to start too. I'm not sure this is a good move to make. Personally I will probably buy one, as the models ARE going to be top notch quality. I just think from a beginners point of view, it's not value. I guess it all depends on the contents and price at the end of the day, none of which is known.


  1. One thing about the two different starter sets, You won't have two forces to start playing the game at home. A beginning player will have to return to where he bought the models to get his first games in against another player.

    Just A thought.


  2. Hey hey - did you get a new banner?

    If these rumblings are true then it looks like Jervis may have gotten his wish to refocus the game back to the fluff rather than the model count. I like the idea of Legions a lot - it only seems fair compared to the loyalist releases.

    As to 2 versions of the same game - not sure on that one - the whole idea of the intro set is that you get everything you need barring glue and paint to be able to pick up and go - how is a newbie to the hobby meant to get excited if they can't play straight away unless they go back to store or have a mate willing to spend up big too. I think this one is a tad too early to be calling just yet.

    Next year is the 25th anniversary of the game - surely they wouldn't not do a complete intro set for that release - surely?

  3. you both have some really good points there. GW have recently made it very clear that they want people in their stores playing and, more importantly, buying so that would seem to make sense killgore.

    However, I can't help but feel that this is not a good bet for beginners. Its almost a battleforce alternative really. I will be using it as an excuse to build a new awesome chaos legion.

    Pom: I redesigned the look of the blog about 6 months ago if you mean the ork fighta bomber pic above. Although blogger has been mucking my blog up abit recently. Does it look different to you?