Monday, 13 August 2012

Ork Lootaz- Re-visiting the Project

I'm sure many of you have been peering back at the blog from time to time wondering 'what ever happened to those lootaz you were working on?' At the time I was getting some fantastic feedback from everybody, which really kept me going with the project but then I moved and they became lost amongst all the other things I've been doing.

Well 2 weeks ago I played a game of 40k using my ork army and did astonishingly well considering my opponent. I also fielded my lootaz in this battle, which had many people attending club that day giving me praise on how cool they looked. Kind words combined with game success has inspired me to get cracking on finishing the unit properly and that means putting the painting hat back on!

So, as I promised Pom, I spent all of Sunday relaxing with DS-9, paint and Toad in the Hole! However, it wasn't battle wagons I was working on (sorry to mislead you Pom). Instead, I got the first of 12 lootaz finished, based and weathered. I do hope you enjoy, oh and keep dropping in, I intend to finished this project fully.

Don't worry you're safe so long as he's aiming at you personally!


  1. Fantastic work Smurf. As with the prior lot, a great effort.

    The weathering on this guy is suitably orky. Love the hint of verdigris. Love the checks. Love the other metallics. And the red and yellow give that much needed spot of colour.

    Look forward to the rest of the boys and those wagons!

    And toad in the hole, haven't had that since I was a lad back in the uk before moving out here.

  2. Hey Pom, Thanks I'm glad you like it. What more inspiration do you need than toad in the hole? One of my favorites :)

    I have another free evening tonight so I'll see if I can get another finished and post it up quick smart

  3. Very cool - The new Lootas are by far my favorite of the ork sculpts, and I love how yours turned out! Keep up the great work, man!

  4. Heya Mordian, thanks for stopping by. I got most of another painted last night. Just a couple more hours and I'll post him up :). Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps keep me on it

  5. Just amazing dude. You're guns are so damn detailed! Can we have some shots of the whole lot in action soon?

  6. Hi J Smith,

    Thanks for the praise :) I'll be posting up a second in just a short moment. As for a group shot, I'm sure I can sort something out soon