Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy Smurfing New Year...

So a new year dawns and although unlucky for some, 2013 should be a promising year. I've been very lax with everything in my life recently, be it work, hobbies or relationships so I think it's about time I took charge of a few things and got moving again. As ever, a target deadline is a great way of motivating oneself into action!

The student's creeping up fast. Last year I did rather well coming a very close second (1 point between us) in the 40k category. This year I fully mean to win, although I'll admit it will a massive uphill struggle. We have a new 40k edition to master and a new army to build. Nothing is certain anymore, with allies, people playing in the tournament could bring literally anything!! That scares me. I like things to be guessed at and for armies to follow certain patterns. I like to know what works and what doesn't. I like to know what to expect. This all means radically changing my army to fit a more 'meets all comers' style. Something I am not hugely familiar with.

So.....I will be chronicling my progress towards the nationals through this blog and I'll hopefully gain a little pride back in the hobby and a joy and love for painting and converting. I will also expect you, my dear readers, to offer up some advice on how to play this game and what I should be adding to my army.

For the nationals I have decided to stick with my orks. I did tinker with the idea of taking Necrons but then I remembered that I was seriously penalized at the student nationals last year in the best army award for not having enough character. Blood Angels are after all...well red...and gold.....but not much else. I tried by adding in all the details and painting about a million gem stones but alas my efforts went unnoticed.

Orks on the other hand are choc full of character! I also intend to fill them up with some pretty awesome scratch builds and conversions just to really grab the judges attention! What better way to start than with Nob available models......loads of character.....perfect! 
Anyway, you didn't come here just to read a load of nonsense from me, you came to see what I spent all day building :)

Ork nob biker with big choppa

Inspired by Irondog Studios' take on Wazdakka, I set about scratching up a nob biker using parts mainly from the deff kopta, trukk and nobz kits. Like Irondog, I felt that the ork biker kit is too small a basis for a Nob and that a deff kopta would be more suitable.

I carefully removed the rockets from the front, the skids from the bottom, the rotor chassis from the top and the torso of the pilot leaving legs, the engine block and the front chassis untouched. I struggled to attach the wheels (from the trukk, small at the front, large at the back) to the deff kopta, but eventually managed a similar arrangement to Irondog. Then built a rear fender and attached that the the rear suspension via some jury-rigged pneumatics and began the process of detailing! Rivets, bolts and other such details were all scavenged from my bits box and greenstuffing was done along the way to re-enforce some of the scratch built joins.

With the bike complete, I then focused on the rider, which was simple enough as I just cut a plastic Nob in half, posed the torso and filled in (the rather large!) gap between the torso and legs with greenstuff.  

 I do have a slight problem though (maybe). The biker is extremely big! Here is Barry the humble shoota boy to demonstrate what I mean. The biker completely dwarfs him and I still have a warboss on an even bigger bike to build! I'm a little worried that up against some of the tanks I intend to build, these guys will just look to big. What do you recon?


  1. That's a right proppa looking Nob biker! Awesome kitbash, man. Looking forward to seeing the orks come together for the event - keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks very much Mordian! I've got a pain boy on bike to post up tonight! Progress is being made!

  3. Great to see you back on the wagon lad! Loving the biker; is everything in the army gonna be new, or are you picking some out from your older forces?

    On the question of the Nobs being to big in relation to the rest of the force; I think they're a nice size, but why not try something different and do the tanks intentionally scaled down; grot sized even. I'm sure you could pull off some sort of conversion to make em smaller. That way, the Bikers are comically oversized (they've nicked all the good tech for the bikes) rather than out of scale.

    I'm sure you could pull it off. You did make Kinder Surprise Killa Kans after all.

  4. Hiya Joe,

    Most of it will be new yes. I'm not having the battle wagons, I've replaced all the slugga boyz with shoota boyz and I'm taking about 400pts of guard allies. So many many changes! The only thing I'm keeping from my original stuff are the lootas, and even then I need to make more of them!

    It's funny because I came up with the same excuse as you with regards to the size of the tanks. I intend to field 2 hydra flack guns and the whole theme for the guard will be a grot merc unit employed by the warboss. So the hydras will be crewed by grots, meaning they probably won't look too small in comparison the the nobz. The funny thing is that the bike is perfectly to scale with the nob rider, so it's more like everything else is too small!