Thursday, 28 March 2013

Grot Whaaagh!

I decided to take a small contingent of Imperial Guard allies to boost the objective holding and anti-air elements that I feel the main Ork codex lacks. As such, I took a company command with a mortar, a veteran squad with a las cannon and a Vendetta gunship. They worked amazingly well and I'm really impressed with the veterans especially, who sat behind the aegis line with the Icarus las cannon receiving orders and killing stuff!

I didn't want to field guardsmen though, so I instead settled on a 'grot mercs for hire' idea. Here's the plane :)

Whaaaagh Vendetta!


  1. Hah! I really like how that turned out - the grot pilot is great, and the paint scheme is excellent.

    Great work, mate!

  2. Thanks mate, I must say I didn't enjoy painting it all that much. Edging all the paint damage took an age! Still, it was worth it as the vendetta is brilliant on the battlefield :P