Monday, 4 August 2014

Waaagh Grull Grokk

Ahh now uz wont to 'ear about Grull Grokk ehh? Well wun fing you shud know 'bout Grull Grokk iz he az a dead gud sense of ooma for a Goff. Best fing iz hiz jokes are dead funnee evun wen dey izn't. Der wuz dis wun time wen Grimbash got a nu trukk un Grull Grokk fort it wud be a rite larf to rig it up wiz a load ov tank minez.....hurhh hurhh hurhhhhh. You shud av seen iz face wen he turned da key!

Alwayz rememba dat lad, Grull Grokkz jokez iz alwayz funny. So don't forget to laff!

Boss Nob Skargrob lecturing the new recruits to Waaagh! Grull Grokk

Ok so after a disappointing start to the Orks (God that codex was a waste of money!) I have at least been reminded of how much I love to paint! Which is excellent considering the amount of Orks I have left to paint! Anyway, kicking off the Waaagh is Boss Grull Grokk himself.

Warboss Grull Grokk is a notorious copier and there's no one more copy worthy in the whole universe than Ghazghkull Thraka. Grull Grokk will do anything to copy his hero, he even went as far as to commission a suit of 'replica' mega armour so he can look like the prophet of the waaagh himself! By far his most prized possession, however, is his boss pole, which was genuinely worn by Ghazghkull himself! At least that's what the grinning Badmoon boss said right before he did the burney dance. Unfortunately, he can never truly look like Ghazghkull due to the arm he lost, but Grull Grokk likes to remind everyone that his custom spear is even shinier than anything Ghazghkull has. is his favourite joke after all! 

I built Grull Grokk out of the left over parts of the absolutely epic Ghazghkull model, which I had lying around. His power klaw had been used on my Biker Boss so that was replaced with a spare killa kan pneumatic spear. I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that a warboss can now take a combi-flamer with mega armour so I converted one up fairly simply. Finally, I finished him off with a nice tall rocky outcrop to menace over. I'm pretty happy with him, lets see how his Waaagh pans out on the table! 

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  1. Fantastic work, man - really dig how that turned out!