Saturday, 30 January 2016

Painting a Sherman Calliope

Hello everyone, I thought that since it was such a nice bright day today that I'd take some photos of my Sherman Calliope. Using two in Company of Heroes 2 on my friend's base may also have helped focus the mind too! It's not yet quite finished. I'm going to try and freehand paint a pinup to the side and I need to mount it on a suitable base like all my other vehicles. That's why I've not applied any weathering powders to the tracks and turret. I think I'll also add some more fine detailing to the sandbags, they're still looking a bit flat colour-wise.

 I've added kill markings to the side to represent enemy vehicle kills.

 In honour of my reference material (see previous post), I've called her Annie. She also has the motto "Kiss kiss bang bang" applied to the 75mm barrel.

As you can see the tracks haven't been weathered fully yet.

 Here's a better close up of the storage locker I scratch built. Doesn't look too terrible.

 So far the wires in the rocket launcher have stayed assembled! I wonder how long it'll take before they all ping off with use!

That's it for now folks. The next update will likely feature the Calliope completed.


  1. Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Phenomenal work, man - the weathering in particular is ace!

    1. Hi Mordian, how are you? Thank you very much. I'm quite happy with the weathering too, although its not fixed down with varnish yet. I'm worried, because whenever I fix it the colour darkens significantly