Sunday, 28 February 2016

Rangers lead the way. Pt 1

I've decided to make more of an effort to make regular updates. The plan, as it stands, is to try and update with something every Sunday. So let's see what I have today.

In my ongoing struggle to get a Student Nationals BA list ready, I have focused my attention on getting the Rangers painted. I picked the models up from Black Tree Designs during their most recent mega sale. Personally I like the figures but many have accused them of looking apish and disproportioned. Those people certainly aren't wrong but I'm ok with that. They remind me a lot of 90's era GW so its an art style I'm very familiar with.

I painted them up exactly like my other rifle men and used Company B 5th Rangers decals. I chose the 5th Rangers so that they can support my 1st Inf. Div. in battles. Historically, the units fought alongside in many battles, including Omaha beach.

Company B decals

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