Saturday, 28 January 2017

Void 1.1 Junkers Project: Test Miniature Complete

I've managed to find the time to complete the first test miniature for my new Junkers project. Considering it's made from a plastic Junker I've very pleased with how well he'll fit in with the original metal sculpts. I decided to stick with a colour scheme that's very similar to my original scheme way-back-when. This project is all about nostalgia for me so recreating and modernising my original army is the name of the game!

This particular model was made using a kolony rebel head from Pig Iron Productions. It is usually bareheaded so I had a go at sculpting some dreadlocks to match the artwork in the Junkers book. I only added dreads to the right side of his head, which I think lends a post-apocalyptic flavour to the model. Perfect for these downtrodden space Romans!

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