Monday, 11 January 2010

The Orks are back

Right then, I'm back in Aber now right in the middle of revising for my first MSc exams. Two good things came out of the Christmas holiday....1) i worked and earned some money. 2) i was able to bring my ork army back with me.

So my smurf like musings have progressed now onto orks. Maybe they will flit back to the traitor guardsmen when new tanks are released?! Who knows.

Any way here is what my exam revision stress busting painting sessions have produced.

It's a Waaahhh banner nob yay! Complete with smashed in skull matter. After all a big sharp banner isn't just for looking at, it's for whacking people with as well.

Just need to add some space marine insignia to the banner plates (imperial fist and ultramarine) and i think he is done!

Hopefully the next update will take far less time....its not easy this blogging lark is it?

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