Sunday, 31 January 2010

Righty, Righty. The exams are over (both on the same day Friday!)! Which can only mean that I have had a little free time to do up my orks a little bit. these guys are just over a year old now and since then i really have improved my painting with a number of really effective techniques (thank you painting corp!) So im just in the process of touching them all up (not in that way!) will a little paint and detail.

First up pride and joy......the scratch built battle wagon!

I think the wagon it's self is still a little bare of trophies icons and worky bitz etc... the original idea was that this would be modular so i could apply all the wagon upgrades and weapons to it should i wish. also i would like the build an upper compartment so that i can turn it into a battle fortress. Also i left it bare so that i could add trophies to it as a played games. sadly though i totally forgot! so sprucing up is needed!

i should be working on this over the next couple of days. ill try and keep you posted.


  1. That is very nice. It looks as good for wargaming as anything you could buy.

  2. ahh tahnk you very much. I have got about 50% of the painting done (damn MSc getting in the way of blog updates!)

    ill let ya know when its finished