Thursday, 19 August 2010

Holy Christ!

Its been a long standing intention of mine to one day own a sisters of battle army. Ever since I was young I can remember longing to own sisters of battle, but at the time metal blisters were too much for my £3.50 pocket money budget.

So with the new inquisitor codex coming up, I have decided to buy up a few bargains on ebay and also preserve a little 2nd ed gold.

And so I present to you my first Canoness; St Clair Florette of the Ebon Chalice.

Unfortunately, I just cannot get the hang of taking digital photographs of models! I have no idea why all the colours look unshaded and blurry.


  1. The canoness came out great!

    Did you make those bases?

  2. hey there, lil will, welcome to my blog.

    No i didnt (although its not to tough to acieve a similar home made result)its actually from an old GW basing kit.

    I want my sisters of battle to look like they have come straight out of that beautiful piece of art work my John Blanche