Friday, 15 October 2010

Light box construction

Ok, The ftw collaborative post recently concerning photography was a big help for me because I have never been able to take a good photo of my minis. The lighting is always bad, they are blurry and often I have to take loads just to get a few good ones.

So built a light box similar to the ones listed on the post. Here it is:
I had a quick go with it using an old model. The results are not great yet. Ill have a longer experiment later i think. Also I think the camera is just not up to the task, its quite old now so maybe a new one is in order.
Any way here are the results:


  1. I've taken a lot more worse photos than those. Make sure that your camera is set for Macro, I made that mistake. I'd also remove the white stand that the model is resting on. To me, its taking away from the model and causing some glare. If the light is good in your box, you could take the flash off. OH.... finally nicely painted model.

  2. the Breeders rock.
    And these pictures already look a lot better than ones from previous posts. Are you using trace paper on the sides?

  3. SAJ: yes sir a man with good taste! its tissue paper, I was thinking of using an old white bed sheet as was recommended my a tutorial I viewed but in the end I went with tissue paper (mainly because it would have left me with only one set of bed linen)

    Draven: the camera is set to macro but the shades seem blocky, this maybe the standard of the camera or it maybe the flash which is was using. Ill have an experiment later on tonight and see what I can achieve, ill post the results up tomorrow.

    also, please feel free to add me and send me your blogs. support is always better when its shared