Saturday, 16 October 2010

Light box experimentation

Ok all,

I have spent the last 30mins or so having another go with the light box. This time using a fairly detailed mini that I have previously photographed. The previous photos were horrible. All the subtle highlights were bleached out and the model was left looking cartoon like.

This time I hoped to find the best way to photograph the model in as much a natural state as possible. Unfortunately the camera is not great and the lights I am using dont appear to be up to scratch either. I think I will need to replace the bulbs with high watt natural white light bulbs instead as the photos are obviously yellowish in shade.

Below are the results. They follow in order from 2 lights with flash, through to just one light with no flash. The pics have not been improved using any fancy digital imaging software. As I said I want to get the most natural photo possible.

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