Thursday, 25 August 2011

Concerned Musings: Warning, for Smurfs aged 18 and over!

Well, it's been troubling reading with regards to the 'new' sisters of battle 'codex' hasn't it?! Troubling reading indeed.

Now I'm no sisters of battle player (would love to be if the money was available) but Jesus, sometimes you just have to fuck them gently! Not hard and fast like GW, that's just plain rude sometimes. I mean yea sure, theres a time and a place for a good short, sharp, dirty, hard fucking! Don't get me wrong. But the sisters deserve a little better. A little more patience, tact...grace. They deserve to be held carefully in a gentle embrace, before telling them some bollocks like 'I love you' or 'your special'. They deserve respect and time and an opportunity to be listened to.

But boy oh boy have GW gone at them like a sewing machine in power surge! Imagine the mess, all those broken sisters, tired, feeling used, feeling unappreciated, wondering when the clinic opens in the morning! Looks like the sort of scene you see on a bubblegum machine or Dave in the morning doesn't it. So upsetting, such a waste.

If only there was something we could do to stop it. I mean if you had the chance to go back in time, you would stop Indiana Jones 4 from being made wouldn't you! This is surely another one of life's true crimes! Damn you Cruddace, one day it will come around to haunt you! Wargammers never forget!


  1. Heh, seeing as I didn't buy WD, I barely know what you're talking about in your orgy-themed metaphor...

  2. Just enjoy the scene! I say enjoy it, its horrific! Meh I was in a very funny mood last night. Women have that effect you see.