Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I'm Ready To Go Again?!

I'm finally back on the web! After nearly two months of BT messing me about, virgin were able to do what they could not and ta da, as if by magic I can watch porn again fill out my next blog entry.

So whats been happening? Well its all change in my life at the moment. My PhD has started and I'm really getting into the spirit of it. Ran my first PCR yesterday and it came out perfect!

I'm in a new flat, which is great but sadly empty due to an acute furniture shortage. Although it is in a really good area and I haven't had any problems yet.

I've met some great people here already including all those involved in the University warhammer club. Its a big club with lots of terrain and everyone is really enthusiastic about lots of different games (including DW which is good times!).

So lifes settling in pretty well I feel.

In terms of wargaming, Not too much progress has been made. I was able to get a dreadnought and some destroyers for my Prussian fleet, which I can take some photos of soon. The dreadnought is especially awesome, such a good value for money piece.

I really need to crack on with painting the ork lootas I finished converting ages ago, but socialising and beer keeps getting in the way. Maybe when I run out of money, I'll get the paints out again?! 

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