Tuesday, 20 September 2011

On the Smurf Bench: Looted Boom Wagon pt3

I managed to get the bits I needed yesterday from a friend at club, which has allowed me to mount the gun. I did consider building it separate from the main hull and having it fixed with magnets for easy of storage and transport. But I felt that this might hinder the excessive wiring I intend to do with that gun and the as yet to be made generators which power it. So all one piece it is. I guess I'll just have to be careful. Enjoy


  1. Nice! I'm liking the 50's style death-ray look with the rings, that's going to be a cool looking boom wagon when it's done! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Hey thanx mordian, I'll be having a good old crack at it again tomorrow. I'll try and get the ard' case on and rig up some sort of generator