Friday, 9 September 2011

On the Smurf Bench: Looted Boom Wagon

A great many moons ago I won a caption competition over at sonoftaurus' blog. The prize I chose was a large scale Walker bulldog tank, so what have I done with it?

Well I have begun turning it into a scratch boom wagon. Every now and then I get the plasticard itch and now is one of those times, so lets see how long it takes me to finish it.


  1. That's looking awesome! Very Orky design thus far, I'm looking forward to seeing it come together!

  2. Like where this is going! If its as good as your other two, then its going to be awesome!

  3. Nice effort so far Smurf though the Gun should be bigger for more BOOM.

  4. Hey thanx guys, it's at that delicate stage at the moment where its barebones and could swing between looking good and looking crap?!

    Hey gungrave, good to hear from you, I've been following the progress of your spacewoves with enthusiasm. I'd like to play them sometime perhaps if I stay for long enough.

    Hey Pom, good to see you back on the sphere. The gun is going to be a massive tessla/energy weapon powered by suspect generators and power conduits etc... I wanted it to tie in with the lootas, many of which have over sized energy guns. Hopefully the image in my head will materialise physically?!

    Lewys and Mordian: Thank you both for the support, I'll need it just so I don't forget to progress further!

  5. To be honest, the main attraction to collecting an Ork army to me would be this side, the kitbashing of massive ramshackle vehicles and structures. One day, perhaps...

  6. You never know, that day might be closer than you think?!

    I have made some progress on this but its been slow due to the scarcity of parts in my bitz box (too many scratch built wagons already). I'm picking up some parts today at club, which should allow me to make some proper progress, hopefully the I'll have pictures for towmorrow