Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Progress

Hi folks,

I'm back in beautiful Leicester after spending Christmas with my family. So just to keep you ticking over until Saturday here are a few pictures of assault squad two. I have used army painter red primer for this squad rather than the standard black. Hopefully it will come out similar to the first squad in terms of red tone and it should cut the painting time down considerably!

Again pictures have been taken on my android in very poor light, but you get the idea...

These guys have been inked with baal red in preparation. The next wash will be with devlan mud.


  1. Looking pretty cool. Those new BA kits offer lots of possibilities!

  2. Agree with Taurus - the BA and the SW kits have so much potential in them when you consider spreading/mixing kits across the range.

    I've always liked those army painter colour primers - makes a lot of sense - found it odd when GW stopped doing it.

    Looks like you should get a great range of transitions in your red going by the base plus existing wash - careful when you hit devlan not to take it back too far - I would advise that you use sparingly in only the deepest recesses.

  3. May want to try the Ogryn Flesh wash instead - works well with reds without dulling them as much as Devlan does.

  4. Hiya guys,

    Thanks for the really useful feedback. The kits are a joy to bash together! There's loads of bits and pieces you can add to the whole space marine range just to make each one that little bit special. My main focus for the army is to have everything really ornate and colourful, just like the traditional blood angels artwork.

    Don't worry the devlan mud wash is a really thin one, then I build up the layers with a blood red colour, then that gets washed down again with baal red, followed by more layering and highlighting ect....on and on it goes, but hey that's the price I pay for effort ehh?!

    I'm off to Nottingham today to the mecca of all things GW, warhammer world. I'll be picking up all the forgeworld I need to complete this army!

  5. Sometimes it seems all we ever do is layer, wash, relayer etc. I do the same with my Orks currently but cant find a way to miss a step without having the end result change - as you said Smurf - the price we pay hey.

    Man I wish I was still in the UK to be able to pop down to Warhammer World on the weekend - the difference in distance/perspective between the UK and Aus is staggering. A few weeks back I took a road trip through the outback with a mate and on the second day we went 800km's without seeing anything more than a couple of eagles and a camel on the side of the road (brought over with the Afghans when the main cross country rail line was built - interesting fact - Australia now has the largest wild camel population outside of the middle east as a result of turning loose those camels after the job was done - their now considered a pest), yet you can travel down the motorway and get to gaming mecca - lucky bugger.

  6. Really rather nice there Smurf. Re-painting my first Space Marines in slightly better colours, we seem to using vaguely similar tactics.

  7. It's a price worth paying I feel Pom, keeps us off the streets if nothing else ehh?!

    It's a funny thing perspective. I know they are vastly different scales, but I was pretty isolated in Aberystwyth. Now I live in a nice central part of the UK and I can easily and quickly (British transport allowing!) get to pretty much wherever I want, when ever I want. Of course having Nottingham on your doorstep helps!

    Howdo Lewys, get some pictures of those marines uploaded, I'd love to see them. I was very impressed with the whirlwind!

  8. They'll be up when I get a full squad done, I promise.