Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Progress

As promised I have some shots of the (almost) completed first assault squad. The final member has been built and is now waiting to be primed. I think I will prime him in black to match the rest of his squad just incase the red has subtle differences.

Having looked over the photos and then cross referenced them with the actual models I have notices one or two niggling little details. The most obvious being the which highlighting on the melta gunners helmet not being as smooth or thin as it should be! These will all get ironed out as the army gets completed.

Anyway, over to the pictures:

The sergeant with a thunder hammer!

 I like to think of this guy as leaping out of the razorback, ready to rend the enemy!
I just could not get a decent picture of this guy despite taking loads of photos! The white spot in his right eye is in fact black, it's just I couldn't remove the flash. I think I need some more practice with faces anyhow, more research needed for the next one I think.

I really like the wild look in this guys eyes...he seems to be bordering on the red thirst as he carves up the foe!

 And finally the obligatory melta gunner! Never leave home without one.

Right, well that's it for now. As I mentioned in my last post I went to forgeworld yesterday and picked up a big box of goodies. Now I have all the parts I will need to make all the vehicles WYSIWYG and of course, beautiful! 
In the meantime I still have the second squad to paint! Back to the bloody layers and washes I guess.


  1. Very cool, man - those are turning out simply beautiful! Love the yellow you've achieved on the helmets, and the poses really give them a sense of motion. Can't wait to see what FW goodies you've picked up. Keep up the great work!

  2. Fantastic, how do you achieve that sexy gold on the wings?

  3. Am I detecting hints of a purple wash in there somewhere or is it just the way the layers and prior washes are showing up under the camera light - either way - great work mate.

  4. Hiya guys, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

    The gold is actually really simple to achieve, I base all the gold areas first in 'beasty brown' and ink it down with devlan mud.

    Then I apply 'brassy brass' followed by a first highlight with 'glorious gold'

    Finally,I highlight the tips with 'boltgun metal' and I may apply some light washes of 'gryphone sepia'. That's it really!

    Hi Pom, No there are no purple washes there, but mechrite red is quite a purpley red, so it may be the camera light picking that out a bit more than it should