Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ebay Sale: Beautiful Deathguard Army

Ok folks,

It is about time I sold my much loved deathguard army to make way for the new blood angels. I have this vague rule of only having two armies at a time, which is mainly due to my student life style (lots of moving house/flat!).

I have had an awful lot of fun with this army of the years and it was the army that really accelerated my painting skills and tactical ability to game. As a result, I won two tournaments and came first/joint first in a number of painting competitions. It's a great army to use in game, and I'm sure whom ever buys it will enjoy it too (especially with the new Chaos Legions Codex coming soon!).

The link to the auction can be found here

Here's what you get:

HQ Units: Demon Prince, Summoned Great Demon, Typhus

 3x Plague Marine Squads and their associated Rhinos, 1 more Plague Marine Squad which I usually place in the Landraider

 Landraider, Vindicator

 Finally, you get another Plague Marine Squad (above) and a collection of Plague Marines carrying plasmaguns (so you can replace the meltaguns in the other squads or form up a Havoc Squad)

You also receive a metal Chaos Lord model, which I have just found in a separate army box!
If you are interested in this beautiful Deathguard army, pleaase visit the auction link here


  1. It's always tough to part with a long-held army, but I agree that sometimes they have to go to make way for the new. Absolutely beautiful army!

  2. A very nice army indeed, Smurf. Pity I never had a proper 40k army to crush it!

  3. Hi Mordian. It's funny, I've had this army now for just over 6 years and I feel absolutely no nostalgic ties to it whatsoever, despite being a normally nostalgic person.

    Hey Lewys, you and everyone else! Join the back of the que ;)

  4. I am very pleased to say that this army went to a happy new owner. I am especially pleased that he will be using this army and not simply dividing it up and selling it on again! I hope he has as much fun with it as I did

  5. Dude the amount of times I attempted to bash the Death Guard up with my Space Wolves in your garage - good times - can't believe you sold them off.

  6. One of the rhinos was in your honour as well if I remember correctly Adam!

  7. Yep the sweet looking rhino harvester!