Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Progress

Just a quick update today displaying the progress I am making on the first of two storm ravens. The popularity of this model is understandably low, having garnered the nickname 'turd raven', but I hope to see past this with its performance on the battlefield.

I have tried to understate the ugliness to some degree by replacing the servitor manned turret with something a little more appropriate. I have also decided to leave the anterior air vent off. The main issue I have with this model is it looks too squat. Hopefully, by removing some of the details that make this craft tall it should look longer overall. Only time will tell.

Next up is the weathering stage, yippee :( 
 The colours have been washed out. I assure you they are a great deal redder and highlighted.

 Interior Panels


  1. Looking good! I agree, the dorsal vent just seems like it's too tall for the model, it definitely looks better without it. Looking forward to seeing more - keep up the great work!

  2. What madness do you speak of, Smurf? The Turd-Raven is the vehicle's true and proper name!

    Some pretty good painting there though - do you use airbrush to get such a smooth finish, or just a large brush?

  3. I like what you have done with this! I plan on doing roughly the same when I get to my pair of Storm-Ravens. What did you end up doing with the top turret? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Have you looked at the Chapterhouse conversion kit. It extends the Raven a bit and makes it tru-scale.

  5. Hi Deadmeat, yes I have. I was originally going to use them but the price is a bit steep when you also include postage. I am also a bit cautious of the quality of their casts. Although I have not seen any for myself, the quality on their website does not strike me as being worth the price. Maybe I'm jaded, I don't know

  6. I envy your patience with painting mate.
    You heading to Kaotica anytime soon?