Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sons of Sanguinius: The Halfway Mark

Something of an update this time around. After returning from Japan only to realise that time is seriously running out with regards to getting these models ready for the student nationals in April, I have been somewhat busy! Caught in a furious painting frenzy I have managed to make the rough halfway mark! I do hope you enjoy the new figs. Especially you darthfishbag!

The storm raven is pretty much done now. One down, one to go!

Some more guys from the second assault squad. Just one left to go!

Finally, one of two las-plas razorbacks. I love these things in game!


  1. They all look great! Definitely love how you represent the las/plas razorback. The weathering on the Storm Raven looks fantastic - keep up the great work!

  2. The weathering definately adds that Pop factor.

    Also the lenses look great from this angle.

    Great stuff all round mate, and best of luck getting it all finished in time.

    Are we likley to see any Japan pics make their way to the blog?

    1. I think the weathering on the dozer blade looks great!
      Ron, FTW

  3. Thanks very much for your support guys. I'm currently burning through the terminator unit! I'm hoping to have it complete by the end of the weekend. I also have a 6 day break for Easter starting on Thursday, so I hope to get the ENTIRE army finished in that period! Unlikely I know, but it's my only hope!