Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sons of Sanguinius: The Sanguine Skies

As of 9.45AM Friday 13th of April, the army is now complete. It has been a long and hard road studded with bouts of violence and insanity. But despite all my dispare, I now own a complete 1,500pt Blood Angels army.

The army was completed in time for the student nationals, which was hosted in Cardiff this year. The event was very good fun and I managed to achieve 2nd place overall (getting 2 perfect scores in 2 games including a wipeout and a concession (on turn 4 no less! I only lost 1 terminator in the whole game!)). Sadly I lost my last game to a cheese filled Grey Knights force...typical!

I have left out some pictures of the other storm raven and razorback because they are pretty similar to the others I have already posted.

Anywho, without further chit chat, here are some pics of the completed force. Do please enjoy :)

 Chaplains are badass!

Priests keep the host alive quite nicely and furious charge keeps them killing!

The terminators really are the stars! Everything they touch dies! Especially when led by the chaplain.

Finally some pictures are the 3rd squad. These guys fly about in one of the storm ravens.


  1. That's a pretty damn good red finish you've achieved there! That blue tinge on the Thunder Hammers is pretty good as well.
    Thumbs Up.
    Congratulations on getting second by the way. You'd have been in third if I had been there, he he (no, knowing you, you'd have crushed my Pedro Kantor army to bits).

  2. Beautiful work! The aged skull look you've done on the Chaplain is especially nice. Good stuff, man!

  3. Excellent work smurf. I've said it before, your reds, gold and yellows are fanatic.

    And congrats on the second place result.

  4. Thanks very much guys. I'm glad the project is over, although I will be adding to it over the next few years. I'm already starting to think about what I would add in an extra 250pts to bring it up to 1750pts.

    For now, I've been painting DW French landships. I'll upload my progress soon