Monday, 23 December 2013

A painted Sister: Order of the Turquoise Lily

Like many of us on a Sunday, I sat down and did some painting. On my painting table there just so happened to be a completed sister, fresh from her sculpting work. Rather than leave here there in naked plastic and greenstuff, I thought I'd try out the colour scheme that my fiance aproved.

So, may I present Sister Katherine of the Order of the Turquoise Lily:

The scheme is a simple one but very bright and cheery I think :) After all, women like to beautify themselves so I don't see why sisters should be any different. Hence, turquiose robes over shiny bright silver armour with golden accessories!

Overall I'm really pleased with the way all the parts go together. It can be quite difficult to picture the finished models when they're covered in green stuff and I've often worried about what they will look like when painted. I'm also quite impressed with how well the robes came out. Again, before paint was applied I worried that the robes wouldn't be very smooth and were sculpted badly. In reality I'm quite pleased with myself...that's a rare feeling!


  1. Awesome work, man! Really dig how that turned out!

  2. Thank you Mordian, I'm pleased you like them :) I have a feeling I've let my self in for quite a project!!