Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nuns with Guns!

How yow all doin'??

Progress continues with my sisters of battle project with the main development being my decision to abandon the casting of pieces. I have tried many many times now to get this to work and it just doesn't! At least it doesn't with the equipment I have access too. Sadly I don't have the money for a vacuum chamber the end it's just as quick to sculpt each and every one! This isn't a bad thing either as it means I can devote individual attention to each sister and get a truly unique army...I just need to work on my own individual imagination now :p

Anyway, as the nuns with guns title would suggest, I have armed a couple of my sisters with weapons I think look really cool! All come from the Forgeworld Spacemarine Legions range, which seem to be smaller than their plastic alternatives, hence ideal for sisters. Take a look and let me know what you think...

Sister with 'Umbra' pattern bolter:

I'm planning on using the sanctuary range of bases from dragonforge for this army. Therefore, I've made my own base for this squad that won't look too out of place when I get the shipment.

I'm happy with the proportions and I'm especially chuffed with the robe sleeves. They are a great way of creating movement and direction, which suggests that she's sweeping her bolter around to engage a new target. 

 Sister with heavy flamer:

Seriously cool!! I think I'll create a more appropriate backpack for her but I absolutely love the look of this heavy flamer! Just ever so slightly large but hey, she's in power armour!


  1. Smurf these look great - the bolter chick in particular has me harking back to second ed codex covers. Brilliant use of bits.

    What are they like height wize compared to a Marine and a Guardsman?

  2. Hi Frothing Muppet. Thank you very much, I am trying to recreate the 2nd ed sisters but with a more up to date feel so it's great you made that comment :)

    If you visit the first page of this thread, you'll see a size comparison with a guardsman:

    Just ever so slightly taller I think.

    1. Nice one - you've definately succeeded in that second ed vibe.

      Cheers for the link to the build log.

  3. Lol, you know, I was just thinking that the Dark Eldar models would work great as sister, and then I find this page. As for flamers and meltas, Forgeworld also has a pack of 10 or so legion era flamers and another for meltas (and plasmas as well). Two questions though, where are you getting the backpacks, and where are you getting the heavy flamers and meltas?