Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bolt Action: US 1st Marine Corps

It's the final post of the year so I thought I'd sum up all my most recent progress on a new project, the US marines. I've had marines sitting in boxes around my house for years now. I first picked up a box of plastic guys when they were offered free with every purchase of the BA 2nd edition book. I then picked up some marine support weapons when they went on a flash sale about a year ago. Despite slowly accumulating marines, I hadn't gotten around to assembling or painting any. Until now.

So far I have completed 1 squad of 8 marines (ahem engineers with BAR's and a flame thrower), started another squad (engineers again), a Satan flame tank and a .30cal machine gun team. It's a modest start but a start nevertheless.

It took some time experimenting to get the uniform colours right. The Pacific conditions did horrible things to uniform colours so pinning accurate colours down was no easy task. Luckily, the internet is awash with helpful people willing to lend a helping hand. In the end I used Russian Army Uniform green as the base colour and highlighted it with mixes of Green Grey. The helmet cover is based with Cork Brown and highlighted with Pale Sand. The camouflage is simply two different shades of brown added in small blotches randomly.  

The bases have been embellished with jungle tufts and a second darker tuft. I also added paper foliage from Mig and some plastic ferns from a German train scenics manufacturer. 

That's it from me this year. Cycle down for commentary on the different units I have finished.

This machine gun team is made by the Assault Group. They're great figures but the faces can be a bit 'flashy', which damages them during clean up. This leads to some disfigurement and dodgy looking expressions! Regardless, the uniform and gun quality was top notch and it gives me some variety over the Warlord Games version.

I also converted a Stuart Satan from the Warlord plastic kit. This was an extremely simple conversion. Simply a barrel replacement and that was that! The kit came with the optional external fuel tanks, which was brilliant. Thank you for that Warlord. 

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