Sunday, 2 February 2020

Zone Mortalis Terrain for Necromunda: Doors

To add more utility to my Zone Mortalis terrain from Art of War Studios, I decided to purchase some of their single and double doors. My friend and I have been playing plenty of games recently and we've found opening and closing doors, particularly the double doors from GW, quite difficult. These doors seemed like a good answer, since you simply slide the door out from the top once opened. No fuss. 

I added rivet detail to them in exactly the same way as I did the walls and painted them to match. With the doors, I didn't like the laser etched pattern so opted to paint a simple chevron pattern over the flat surface sides instead. I think it gives it a more 'sliding shutter' look. I also added some graffiti decals from Warlord game's Dredd range. I think they were free in a copy of Wargames Illustrated. They fit the bill anyway.

Overall I really recommend the Hive Terrain products from Art of War Studios. It's a little pricier than TTcombat and others, but I honestly prefer the aesthetic and they are a joy to put together.   

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