Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Ok a while ago I posted up the pictures of my work in progress Warriors of Choas army. At the current moment it is only an unfinished unit of marauders, Wolfrik and a chaos lord on horse.

The nightshift has not been kind to my painting time and so I have only been able to paint the front rank of the marauders and Wolfrik, who leads them. Wolfrik is near enough done, the maurauders need some skull work and a few other bits finishing.

Also I don't have access to my light box either so the pictures are a bit crappy but you get the idea.


  1. Nice work mate. I have this guy sitting on my shelf waiting for a lick of paint and am currently reading the new book about him.

    Lots of nice detail to pcik out on the mini. I like how you've handled the flayed skin.

    Well done.


  2. Hey, cheers pom. Not having the lightbox is a real pain, the flash has bleached all the colour out! ohh well.

    Is the book a good read? I saw it and thought 'hmmm maybe after iv finished gaunts ghosts.'

  3. The books not bad - up there with the authors Brunner and Witch hunter stuff. It puts Wulfrik in the place of a hero and makes you like him - even though you know he is meant to be one of the 'bad guys'. Plus it has Chaos Dwarfs and High Elves as his enemies.

    Overall I have enjoyed reading it so far.

  4. Hell!! It's BIG!
    As rougue pom, I have my Wulfrik sitting in the shelf among with the other lots of unpainted and unassembled miniatures! Haven't figured it out how cool it looks beneath the marauders!

    The blood looks nice. Pretty fresh, how did you paint that?

    Ah! And the beard looks ace! I thought about removing all the original beard to sculpt a new one, because the original looks like a cut from a dwarf xD Now I can see it looks good if I sculpt just more instead of removing it all ;D
    Nice detail.

    About the pics... It's not 100% necessary to have a lightbox to make better pics. Yeah, I know, it helps A LOT, but, when you don't enough time to build one (like me xD) or you are just too lazy, you can use the technic I used yesterday to make the chaos knights pics. With the right hand, I hold the camera, with macro activated, and the white balance set on +0.3. With the left hand I hold a bedside lamp (really!) with a common energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp. I just held the lamp above the camera, and sometimes over my head.

    I know I suck when it comes around taking pics, but this method gave me pretty "decent" results =3

    Keep up the good work! ;)

  5. Hey Nesbit, hows it going?

    Unfortunately I'm staying at my parents house for christmas so I dont have a desk lamp or any of the modeling essentials that I normally have access too but thank you for the advice. Your pictures are certainly adequate when using your method.

    The blood method is a cleaver little thing I picked up from someone elses blog (its been a while so I cant remember exactly where though i suspect it was from pick a damn army). It is simply Tamyia clear red mixed with a dab of black and splattered on with an old brush. The clear red colour comes with a syrupy consistency and dried shinny and transparent. When mixed with a little black in takes on a sticky 'just beginning to set' look. When dry go over it again with just the clear red to get the two grades of 'clammy blood' and 'just been shed' blood. Hope that helps.

    I'm going with a hairy theme for the northmen in my army as it makes them look more brutish. I though Wolfriks beard was just to weedy so I gave him a mans beard instead!

    Your blog is listed so ill be following the progress of your army with enthusiasm.