Monday, 27 December 2010

New Year Musings

Well the year is almost up and although a number of bloggers are reviewing the developments of the past 12 months I am more interested in how the next 12 months will turn.

In terms of Warhammer, I look at the current situation and all I can think is 'please God not more Lord of the Rings.' It's a futile plea I realise but a just and deserving one nonetheless. Apart from army book and codex releases, there isn't a great deal that needs doing.

Warhammer just received an excellent new book with excellent new rules and full support as always so it is difficult to see what could be improved this coming year. Warhammer has never really taken well to expansions in the past and the most useful expansion 'the empire tiles thing' is already available. It would be interesting to see if an expansion is developed and what form that would take.

5th edition 40k has also grounded well with, I believe, most players agreeing that the system is much better than its predecessor. Unlike Warhammer, 40k does lend well to new expansions and has seen a great many released already. Personally I would like to see a new flier based expansion for aerial combat and a re-release of apocalypse. I only suggest the latter because the book is a nightmare to read and some details could do with being brought into line with 5th edition.

Maybe Games Workshop will focus on a national 'cough fixed result cough' campaign like they used to do. I was a little young back then to participate fully but I do remember the storm of chaos and the 13th crusade campaigns. The Armageddon campaign sticks in my mind in particular as the landraider had only just been released and they wrote an excellent two part battle report in White Dwarf. Happier days indeed. If they did that now we would probably get a couple of pages containing an eclectic mix of unnecessary action effects, sloppy writing and yet more pictures of the damned eavy metal miniatures. Not to mention a picture of Matt Hudson looking smug and Matt Ward grinning inanely with his stupid hat telling us how the man of the match goes to some stupid scout sergeant or something equally ridiculous! I digress.

To tell the truth the only thing I really look forward to this coming year from Games Workshop is a price lock. It's wishful thinking I know but a man can dream. Please don't push us away GW because I seriously doubt our wives and girlfriends will allow us to spend the gas money on a squad of spacemarines because that will be the choice. I have been a loyal supporter of the hobby since I was 11. I love nothing more than opening up a new box of plastic sprus, laying them out on my table and thinking 'how cool could I make and paint these.' But if push comes to shove, I will choose to maintain my freedom (a house) and my health (food) above this hobby.

A bit over dramatic I'll admit but GW do have a nasty habit of hiking prices. The tactical squad has doubled in price literally since it's release.

What will I do this year?

Well my life is moving in all sorts of unknown directions at the moment so who knows where the hobby will take me. I may take this coming year as an excuse to scratch build most things as I already own a body of infantry figures for both my armies that I am happy with. Scratch building is great for hobbyists on a budget and it is a process I really enjoy anyway so thumbs up. I have already alluded to a number of modeling possibilities in a previous post, which I have not forgotten about.

I may try a number of different games with different systems. The Dystopian Wars range from spartan games has caught my eye in particular and I have just ordered the Prussian starter fleet and the carrier. My friends have all done the same with different factions. The game looks fun, the rules are cheap and the models look great and are also very cheap. Wayland games made them even cheaper for me which is always appreciated!

Indeed I may even take more advantage of games like rogue trader and deathwatch, where hours of fun can still be had without the financial hardship of creating a full blown army.

On the other hand, I may settle into a good well paying stable job in which case my hobby spending will continue to reign unchecked. Ahh such musings.

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