Monday, 14 March 2011

Energy Lighting Techniques: A work in progress

There was no rogue trader this week because of heavy drinking so I can't write up a new Tales of Trade and Adventure episode, sorry guys. Definitely next week.

Instead maybe some more work on my loota squad may act as suitable compensation. I decided to have a crack at some lighting techniques to emphasize some of the energy weapon deff guns. This guy is nowhere near done yet, but I'm starting to see where the light is going to go and how strong it should be. The blade under the barrel needs completely re-doing and a few other bits do too, but its still early days. I quite like the effect so far, I hope you do too.


  1. Nice work so far Smurf. Are you going to carry the glow from the back pack onto the back of his neck?

    I really like the checks - how hard was that to get right?

  2. Hey Pom,

    If you look really closely at the first picture you can just about make out the glow on the back of his neck and cloths.

    I think the checks are more accident that skill at this point. I painted the checks first and then started adding on the watered down blues and built up from there. Unfortunately, it was too think on the checks on the blade, which is why you can't see them any more. I'll get it sorted when I'm back in town