Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Naahh Dis Littul Killa Neva Getz Hot.......sssssttttt AHHH!

Here's the work in progress shots of the latest of the lootas. I'm up to eight now so a full squad is just over the horizon. Unless I decide to boost it up to 15, in which case I'm just over half way. Anyway, that's enough maths, lets take a look at the dakka.

I also replaced the barrel on the previous loota, which I felt was too weedy and didn't fit the stature of an ork looted weapon. Unfortunately, the ammo feeder now looks to small. Hmm more work to be done I think. I also want to add some straps, more wires and possibly replace the head. The horns are a bit too much.


  1. Some fine looking dakka there.

  2. hey thanks. I'll try and get him finished up sometime soon