Sunday, 22 May 2011

In the Smurf Case: Prussian Fleet for Dystopian Wars

It has been a week or two since my last post and in that time, many things have occurred. But those are all boring things and have nothing to do with ship shaped resin, so instead I decided to try harder and get some more Prussians painted.

  Here is Big Bertha and my 'as yet to be named' battleship
Navigating the treacherous skies surrounding my cereal boxes are two medium Geiger class bombers

These are all the ship models I currently have painted. A battleship, 3 cruisers and 2 squadrons of 3 frigates

A closer look at the cruisers

I tend to favour using 2 squadrons of 5 fighters in games not involving the sky fortress. I usually have 1 acting as a CAP for the battleship and the other on anti-flyer duties

And here is where they land when they run out of fuel and ammo

All that is left to finish now are the fliers that come with the sky fortress and 1 more squadron of frigates. They I can buy another sky fortress and some medium airships!


  1. Looks good! Love the sky fortress.

  2. Not seen much of this game but I love the Aircraft Carrier - the deck has come up a real treat mate - well done.

  3. Looking good! I am painting my Prussians up at the moment. Haven't managed to get a game in as yet, but should do later this week.

  4. Thanx guys for all the support! I'll be running up a few more units in the next few weeks