Thursday, 5 May 2011

On The Smurf Bench: Sisters Done Minus Backpacks

Just a quick update with the sisters of battle. I have finished the bodies and bases of the three previously shown and I am really happy with them. Unfortunately, despite trying to take good pictures of them for 3 days, I haven't managed to capture the detail. I wish Lauren hadn't taken the good camera with her.

Any way heres the pic:


  1. Nice work the re Smurf - the white is much better, and I love the face detail.

    How have you done the boltgun casings? Is it a dark flesh/scab red/red gore mix of some sort?

  2. Hi pom,

    Yeah, I'm much happier with the white now, the tips seemed to have done the trick.

    The bolt casings were just done in scab red and then given a quick highlight of 1/1 scabred and blood red. ( I actually used vallejo scarlet red)

  3. Psssst...