Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Smurf Like Musings: Sisters of Battle

Worrying times ahead indeed!

I have just checked out the rumours circulating over at Blood of Kittens concerning the sisters of battle and I cannot help but jump the gun and cry murder. It seems the sisters of battle are going to be rushed out in a 2 part white dwarf scam just like the blood angels where a few years back. The rest of the contents of this post assumes that the rumor is true.

My immediate question is why?

1) The blood angels treatment was totally naff when they did in the first time and I'm sure it pissed a lot of people off. Yet the scope clearly was there for a full blooded codex because that's exactly what they got, and a fine one too. Maybe its simply a case of 'we haven't forgotten you sisters of battle players. Here is a bone to chew on while we get round to the main show.' I hope so.

2) The grey knights didn't receive this treatment so why are the sisters of battle receiving it? I mean we all know that one of the smallest and most secretive organisations in the universe deserves a complete codex don't we but the Ecclesiarch, that's different. There is nothing important about one of the largest and most powerful organisations in the Imperiam. La la la, we aren't listening.

3) Sisters of battle are one of the original armies from 2nd ed. They have a loyal band of followers (pilgrims if you will) and boast (in my opinion) one of the best model ranges ever (except the exorcist!). Almost all of them herald from 2nd ed and just how good do they still look! They deserve better than this.

4) The sisters of battle offer a great opportunity to release an exciting range of new figures in a similar vein to the dark eldar and up and coming necrons. They offer the opportunity to explore the Ecclesiarchy side of the universe (rather than the inquisition) and possibly even the sisters of silence (how cool would that be)! And to also show off their new toys by creating some great sisters of battle plastics!


I really hope that this rumor has little merit because I really feel that the sisters deserve better than this. They certainly have a niche to fulfill in the universe and it seems a shame to relegate them down to a white dwarf appearance. That's like watching a serious documentary about world hunger on Channel 5.

Alternatively, if it is true, I hope it is only to buy time for them to release a proper codex and a new range of miniatures. They are cleaver though! They have come up with a way to make me buy a white dwarf! 


  1. I think you are right, maybe GW feel the list needs an update but are not going to commit to a full new Codex until they have the time to update the model range. Like you said, most of the models have been kicking around for some years now and need a few updates.

  2. This may also be an attempt at a test-system to see how it plays in the real world, before finalising the Codex. I suspect that Faith points will dissappear (the games far more streamlined now than when those were appropriate) so it's probably going to be a big change for Sisters players- in which case a WD release with a few models would be a sensible move for GW.

    At least they're showing some love to SoB players at last!

  3. I'm with you, Smurf. If these rumors are correct it is a shame that the Sisters (and the entire Ecclesiarchy too, no less) would not have their potential realized with a new, true Codex. Hopefully the explanation falls closer to your first theory, that this is only a temporary measure to hold players over until the full update is ready. I wonder if it could be done to standardize the rules for Inquisitors and their retinues, so that they would function the same whether it's with the Grey Knights or the Sisters of Battle. I'm still going to remain optimistic that we will one day see some plastic SoB kits.