Sunday, 25 July 2010

Army update progress

Hey there fellow bloggers!

I'd like to start out first of all by saying a big thank you to Androsch over at tower of heroes for adding me to his list of recommended blogs! Thanx for the support!

Anyway, I digress. I'm sure most of you lovely followers also follow my good friend Tim over at a guardsmans guide to glory. Both Tim and I will be attending the Bristol Vanguard's campaign 'Spoils of war' this coming weekend. The Bristol Vanguard are well known for the consistent excellence in army painting standards and particularly so for the terrain they provide at their events! I met some of the guys last year at Cardiff Carnage and saw some of the armies they had to offer! Stunning beauty are the only two words that come to describing the talent! Please visit Dark eye studios for some examples.
As a result I don't want to embarrass myself by taking along an army that is either; not finished or of a sub-personal standard. Therefore I have been really busy trying to bring all my old models up to scratch and finished! No simple task when you are also in the middle of a science masters dissertation study.

Nonetheless I still managed to touch up, re-paint and base 24 of my old orks today. Tomorrows contribution will be the remaining 6 sluggas and 10 shootas. Tuesday will see the completion of 3 deff koptas and a weird boy. Wednesday will see the unveiling of my new deff dread and possibly a ghazzkull re-paint (cant spell his name properly right now!). And finally Thursday will see the finishing touched to my first battle wagon, killa kans and burner boyz!
A busy week Im sure you will agree. Updating this blog will be my main drive to get this stuff done so please offer your support by threatening my life if an update is late or missing each day etc... Its the only way i'll learn!

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