Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wagon finished!!!!!!!!!!!

And the wagon is finally finished!!! Cant believe I actually finished this beast! Its been a long and grueling 2 weeks but I'm sure you will agree it's been worth it. This wagon is truly massive! Ill post up some glamour shots later and throw in a few different sized vehicles for reference.

Here immediately are the pictures of the finished product. I took much of the advice given to me by Androsch over at tower of heroes on weathering. The powders I'm still getting the hang of but the rest I'm fairly happy with. The keener of you will notice that I have named this beast after the robot metalacock from spaced! Its fair to say that spaced was an invaluable distraction for me to have on in the background while i built this, hence the tribute.

Thanx everyone fro the comments so far. If you have anything else to add its not too late for me to improve so please fire away.


  1. Looks fantastic! Well done!

    While this is well above my own level, I do have a couple of suggestions. One, at least from the pics, the marine helmets look really clean compared to the wagon. Maybe at least the older trophies towards the bottom could stand some grime. Two, the four rusted panels on the top over the tracks seem pretty symmetrical for what otherwise looks slapped on, and the symmetry is at odds with the look of the rest of the wagon. While I wouldn't try to move them at this point, maybe add another panel at an angle over the top of one, damage one up further or something to break it up a little? Compare those to the different angles/colors on the sides.

    Oh, and I love that zzap gun!

  2. thanx sonsoftourus. Now that I look at it, the symmetry is a little clean. Ill bash some shit over it an it should be fine. As for the helmets your right again. I lied a little bit, i still have a few tiny details to finish, i just got impatient with the camera and wanted to update the blog! Consider myself caught!

  3. Looks awsome mate, really nice! cant wait to blow it up with a single battlecannon shot again! ;)

  4. Very nice work on the metal parts, I especially like the deathroller. Very well done! I'm happy I could help a bit. :)